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Cleaning and Care Instructions

All our Sheepskin Products can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures. Maximum temperature 30 degrees.

When dry, brush off the worst of the mud/sweat/dirt with our lambskin brush. Dirt falls away and the brush fluffs up the sheepskin. This will cut down the frequency of washing.
When you do need to wash; machine wash at max 30 degrees, using our C7 sheepskin detergent to preserve the oils in the hide, keeping it supple. The detergent also coats the fibres protecting and strengthening them (ordinary washing detergent will dry out the leather)
Tumble at maximum 30 degrees. Tumble drying helps to fluff up the sheepskin.
You can also lay out flat (sheepskin side up) to dry (pulling into shape through the drying process) 
Brushing with our sheepskin brush, after product is washed and dry, will also fluff up the sheepskin, helping it to look like new and retain its air flow and cushioning effect.

Sheepskin should be allowed to dry after riding if it has become wet. Hang over a saddle rack (or similar) so air can flow can dry it.

Werner Christ C7 Lambskin detergent for wool and sheepskin products, from Horse Dream UK  Werner Christ Lambskin Brush for Sheepskin Products

Washing at intervals with C7 is beneficial for the sheepskin, it conditions and nourishes the entire fleece, keeping the hide supple and the fibres strong.
Its rare, but some moth types are partial to sheepskin and will lay their eggs in the fleece. The larvae, when hatched, feed on the fleece at the base of the hairs. Regular washing with C7 sheepskin detergent will help prevent this.
Items can also be stored in a container or covered to prevent moth damage.
If you notice bald patches appearing in the sheepskin, wash straight away; the C7 detergent will kill off any eggs/larvae and coat the fibres with a protective layer that repels moths. Brush thoroughly when dry.