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About US

We are a small family run business importing CHRIST Lammfelle Equestrian products. We import from Christ Lammfelle because we love the superb quality, craftsmanship and finish of these hand made items. We also agree with their company ethics.
We offer a friendly service and fast delivery where possible 
All our products are made from the Highest quality Merino lambskin. Their superior density and softness ensure ideal pressure distribution and comfort. 

About CHRIST Lammfelle:

Merino lambskins are used for all Horsedream products because the wool is a little denser. This achieves better pressure distribution and helps to reduce the shear forces. The leather is also stronger, ensuring durable, easy to care for products.

All skins are chosen at source, preserved, and sent to their own tannery for further processing. They are able to verify the origin of their lambskins at any time. 

The lamb is not slaughtered for its skin. The pelt is a by-product of the slaughtering process, which is purely for the purposes of obtaining meat.

The special properties of lambskin:
Lambskins create a general feeling of well-being. They help you relax and they promote blood circulation. Provide a natural air cushion between the skin and the lambskin creating a breathable zone that helps to regulate the horses body temperature in all weathers

Lambskins consist entirely of proteins. Protein does not provide a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling cold or damp. The lambskin has anti-bacterial properties and protects the skin. The scaly structure of the wool fibre repels dirt and possesses natural self-cleaning properties. Regular shaking out and airing of the lambskin neutralises odours and helps the wool stay fresh.

Their lambskin products have a high therapeutic value. They even out the temperature in all seasons, are breathable, elastic and hardwearing. The density of their lambskin products create natural air cushions. This reduces friction and provides relief for pressure-sensitive skin. Pressure points are avoided.

Medical tanning / Tannery:

Their own tannery is one of the most modern in the world and provides the best possible conditions for processing the valuable raw material, the lambskin, using a special technique with no chemicals. By medically tanning the lambskins they become machine-washable and can also be put in the tumble-drier. They use only the best raw materials for our range of products, which they manufacture entirely inhouse. They can therefore confidently guarantee the consistently high quality.

What Christ Lammfelle say about their business:

Our tannery has received many awards from environmental organisations in the past years for its exemplary facilities and equipment, and its working conditions. We are the only tannery in the world (that we know of) to release no toxins to the environment. We also refuse any involvement with live animal exports. 

Using renewable energies to heat water
Tanneries need large quantities of water. Our Toryal tannery uses 120,000 litres of water each day, which first has to be heated up to a temperature of 80°C. This used to require 3,600 litres of heating oil every single day but since 2005 we have been pursuing the ambitious goal of completely switching over to renewable energies. This goal has been a reality since 12 April 2007.

The first step was to build a solar energy plant, which immediately produced savings of 20%. At the same time they planted eucalyptus trees, and today there are some 600,000 trees over an area covering 380ha. A high-speed chipping machine makes wood chips from the wood, and these chips not only help to optimise combustion but also reduce the wood needed by 5% in comparison with burning logs. The naturally occurring CO2 emissions produced by the combustion process are compensated for by the new trees planted. Toryal thus produces no CO2 emissions and has secured its supply of renewable energies for the next 50 years – a major contribution in terms of protecting the environment.

After tanning and while still wet, the leather side of each of the lambskins is buffed by hand until it is even, smooth and silk-matt. The skins are then dried and with the help of special machines they "plate" (a similar process to ironing), comb and shear the skins and get them into their finished form. They are then sorted according to quality grade.

All skins are put through several processes just in the pre-production phase alone before they go on to be made up into finished products. For instance, each lambskin is carefully examined and classified according to its particular use before being sent to the production department. Each skin is unique and different in terms of the structure of its wool and leather side. All the processes involved are carried out exclusively by trained specialists so as to ensure the lambskin is put to the best possible use. With experienced master furriers critically scrutinising each step, the skins are then cut to size by hand using special leather knives. 

They pay particular attention to the run of the seams when making up the items so as to ensure they cannot give rise to any pressure points. All our products are made by hand with special leather and fur-sewing machines. 

The final inspection then sees the product examined for any flaws and all excess threads and protruding hair removed. The product is then labelled and suitably packed for shipping.

CHRIST lambskins bear the seal of approval awarded by the research institute of the tanners' school in Reutlingen. This guarantees that all the items manufactured in the CHRIST tannery Toryal S.A. have been tested for harmful substances and are produced in line with environmentally compatible methods.

Once you try a Christ Lammfelle sheepskin product you will understand why these pads have been the choice of German riders for years. The natural sheepskin acts as a breathable layer of protection and adds softness without the bulk of heavier synthetic materials. The qualities of sheepskin will not cause allergies or disturb the natural balance of the necessary oils in the horse’s skin. The soft wool will keep a protective barrier between your horse’s body and his tack to ensure the skin and coat are cushioned for optimal health and comfort.