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General Comments:

"Many thanks for all your help/advice & real good communication. Your service really does stand out from many others"

"Hi, we are very pleased with the product and AMAZED as it arrived on the other side of the world today!"

"Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much I’m just so pleased with the brilliant service you have provided.
Kindest regards"

"A1 service, great products
thanks again"

"5* Highly recommend "

"Hello, I would just like to say that i was suprised to recieve my items so quickly and also wanted to just let you know how happy I am with them. Thank you very much, will most certainly be using your site and services again in the future.
Thank you" 

"Thanks for the excellent service.  
Kind regards"

"Hi Wendy 
Thank you so much for your help.  I am sure my boy will love it, he is a thin skinned ex racehorse so these products are perfect for him and really excellent quality for the money.
All the best"


"5* Great service, Beautiful numnah, Strongly recommend" 

"Hi Wendy
Arrived today- Thank you so much for your super service!!!"

"Hi, I received my seatsaver this morning, its absolutely fantastic! Thank you. I would just like to say a big thank you for the super fast delivery"
Kind regards

The Bareback Riding Pads:

The New Cloud

"Hi Wendy. I checked online at your website and at the German website...what i have got in the parcel are the adjustable kneepads! they have velcro on one side and will just stick on the pad (i wondered why there is so much velcro underneath...) so i will put them on tomorrow :) our first ride was lovely. The stirrup d-rings are higher up (so i needed a different length, or i sat on my pony like in a jumping lesson...) and the straps for tightening the girth are lower, so i have only one hole to adjust left, but...there is a good bit of leather left so i can put more holes in if needed them :) the leather bit (where you attach the girth) looks
very nice, are you sure it will be washable? Everything that i would have liked to be improved has been improved, i am very impressed ...and so is my pony Rascal :)

my friend can't wait to get the premium plus pad! so we can ride like the wind together!! fotos to follow  :) 
thanks for all your help and advice :) "
Trixi and Rascal

"Yes, the new stirrup leathers are still fully machine washable. They are a treated leather and have been tested by the manufacturer with 20 machine washes and tumble dry, and still look like new"

"I want to tell you how happy I am with my new Cloud Special bareback pad. It is everything I had been looking for and my horse loves it too. Thank you for such speedy delivery to the USA. I am sure all my friends will be jealous when they see it and I will tell them where they can get one.
Thanks again for a beautiful, quality product"

"Thank you wendy, my dad helped me pay for the cloud for my birthday and star and i looove it!! :) it is more like a saddle and soooo very comfy and just looks amazing. i have been using my friends premium as i have no saddle and she uses it only for schooling. i like the premium a lot but to me the cloud is better for me as it like a saddle. she wants one too now! i have been showing off to everyone and i think you will sell a lot more of these" xx

Basic, Premium and Iberica

Message "LOVE,Love, love this company! placed my order for my Ibarica bareback pad, you emailed me 3 times for confirmation AND saved me money on shipping! My Bareback Pad came in 6 DAYS! TO CANADA! WOW! I love it by the way, this bareback pad is amazing! thanks again will definitely be using you again and telling all my Canadian friends!
your now loyal customer Anastacia-Joy
PS. Please start selling cordeos and bit less bridles :)"

"Fantastic firstclass service and communication, Thank you. Beautiful quality bareback pad. Love the high wither version. Rides beautifully. 5* "

"Hi Wendy
One very happy customer here!!  Thanks a million for the detergent and Wow!! the saddlepad is amazing. We both love it. So comfortable and I am amazed of how safe I feel in it" 

"I just received my bareback pad! I just wanted to thank you for the easy order and fast shipping, I wasn't expecting to get it way over here in the states for quite a while. It's everything I expected it to be and more! Your company has an amazing product! And reasonably priced for good quality. Thanks again"
Jamie USA

"Oh, i am in HEAVEN...this is what riding should feel like! We both love the bareback riding pad. Thank you so much.
from happy horse Ziggy and me Sarah x"

"Perfect saddle solution, really good quality, great service, i am spreading the word :)"

"I received a bareback pad for christmas and it is truly one of the best I have ever seen. My Horse, an ex race-horse also enjoys it. I have a friend who is so impressed she will also use it on her youngster  when it begins to be broken. It is a real dream come true for horse and owner"

"I also have the sheepskin half pad which unlike many half pads, provides real support and padding to help with muscle development, particularly with high withered horses. The sheepskin in Horsedream products is of exceptional quality. My half pad is 3 years old, is used around the yard and still looks like new. I would recommend this product to everyone and feel that these should 
be in every bodies horsey essential wardrobe as they are a well made, long lasting product"
Raphaelle Heaf

"Hi Wendy
As you know, it took me twelve months before I bought my CL bareback pad.  My dilemma at that time was 

should I buy a saddle or a CL pad.  Meantime, as a novice rider with an untrained lusitano, I used that time to gain valuable experience riding out in a rope halter and Best Friend bareback pad. If I had gone for a saddle it would have been a different story and I would have missed out on so much.  It helped to clarify that I wanted to continue bareback but with more comfort and the option of using stirrups if I need to.

I have used my CL bareback pad a few times now and it is just brilliant!!!  It is truly blissfully comfortably, beautiful to look at and very well made. I love the fact that it is easy to keep clean with the CL brush and it is washable.  For the money I think it represents very good value. I was thinking that at some future point I would 
invest in a saddle too, but not any more.  I would encourage any horse rider to give themselves and their horse 
the gift of riding in CL bareback pad!  I love it!!

Thank you so much for all the help and advice you gave to me while I was making up my mind.  I notice that you did not take advantage of my lack of experience by trying to sell me on the idea of the most expensive option.  
You gave me the best advice you could based on your personal experience and my needs, and that was very 
much appreciated. Kind regards"

"Hi Wendy, Just to let you know that the breast girth arrived safe and sound, have been on holiday ,but went to collect it this morning. Many thanks. I really wish I'd bought one of these pads a year ago, but the idea of "bareback" seemed very scary.
Can't think why- I'm really enjoying using it, and my cob Kenny doesn't seem to mind it at all. He's got a very wide back, so was worried I'd have to do the splits to use it, but it's fine. I actually feel very secure on it. The rider who rode him whilst I was away loved it too. Our new saddle still won't be arriving for another month, but this way, we've been able to keep the riding going, which is great, because ridden work was an important part of his physio. This is a really useful bit of kit"
Kind regards 
Jenny Child

"Hi I bought the lammfelle bare back pad for my new clydesdale and its fantastic its the best bare back pad i've ever owned but I have one suggestion if you ever alter it change the girth straps to leather it would make doing the girth up a lot easier as it tends to jam with the material they are currently made with especially with big horses I will be advising many people to by this pad"

(Girth strap material is made from Biothane - tough, durable and waterproof to allow the Bareback pads to be machine washed. This material was changed in 2017 for leather coated nylon)

"Thank you so much for my Bare Back Pad, it arrived within two days. I am really impressed with the pad and I find I am riding less and less with my saddle. I have a treeless saddle which does make me feel a bit perched. I think that I now actually prefer the Bare Back Pad. I feel very secure and comfortable. I think this is a great product and would 
recommend to anyone"

"I have had much difficulty finding a saddle to fit my native welsh sec D, I’ve had treeless, an ideal, a barnsby all of which caused a problem for my lad in one way or another due to the fact he has very wide withers and a short back, he was cut late on 41/2 yrs old before he became a gelding or had any human contact, due to this he can be quite sharp when being riden. up till finding this particular pad i have riden him in a big horn bare back pad but due to safety issues i had to have a re-think to find something that offered me a little more security whilst still giving this sensitive horse comfort.
i ordered a horsesdream bareback pad on wednesday and it arrived friday morning, i have schooled him in it over the last few days, using safety stirrups due to the fact my horse is very in-experienced. so far he has no compaints ( and believe me, he would defo let me know,) so the real test for me with regards to my safety will be when i take him out in the forest tommorrow, watch this space....................................... 
thanku so much horse dream, finding and purchasing your standard bareback pad has made this a very enjoyable summer for my horse, storm (welsh sec D) and i, it has been a nightmare over the last few yrs to find a saddle to fit, due to storms wide withers and short back.
i use a Dr cook bitless bridle and love the pad, storm moves freely, with confidence and due to no physical discomfort is able to enjoy himself whilst we are out hacking, on the other hand, i feel very secure and in control. 
i use safety stirrups with this pad, as it is very secure and does not slip unlike my previous pad as the girth would slaken during a ride. this  pad gives me the same security as a saddle, with the added benefit of being able to feel my horse underneath me essentailly this also applies to my body movements and the subtle signals i give to him, thanks again. whoop whoop x happy riding x"

Yes, the package come to me yesterday! I`m just thinking that how can saddle be so amazing :D I´m fine with the delay, really! This saddle replace it all, it is better than i expected!
Excellent spring to you guys!!"
Best wishes Emmi Arponen

"Hi just to let you know the saddle arrived and iv tried it out a few times and it is BRILL!!!!! bertie goes so much better in it and his stride is more fluid, im singing your praises to all my horsey friends, thank you for all your help from me and an even happier bertie!"

"I recieved my bareback pad a couple of weeks ago now, and im so pleased with it i cant wait to ride every day. It is so comfy, its so good that two other girls on my yard have ordered one each as well. I love it thank you"
Annette Ayers

"I am back for another Bareback pad for my horse. Rode the kids Pony in the Christ pad i bought off you and decided, I have to have the full size for myself. What an amazing feeling, I have never ridden bareback but after seeing the kids 
getting on so well, I wanted to have a go" 

I'm very pleased with both your service and the product itself. 
When mailing you I recieved answer very quickly.
I give you 5 out of 5 :)" 
Kind regards
Emma Olsson, Sweden

"Many thanks for sending the order so quickly. 
The pad has already been used with a disabled rider with severe CP and they find it more comfortable to mount and achieve a balanced riding position than on the pad we already own with knee rolls. However the pad with knee rolls is preferred by our more experienced riders as it helps to secure their position"
Gaddesden Place Riding for the Disabled Centre

"Hi Wendy,
I haven't used a saddle or stirrups since I received my lovely sheepskin bareback pad.  Really enjoying riding around in the snow and feeling my whole body warm up through the horse's warmth and the sheepskin. My Alexander Technique teacher remarked that the sheepskin would encourage my lower back to release into it. And of course if our lower backs release so will the horse's...My hyper-sensitive Irish Draught mare, who is still round as a barrel after two weeks in ice and snow out in the field incidentally, certainly really appreciates the pad, and how it makes me behave! She is 'rounding up' as soon as i get on her now - amazing! Why don't they let people do dressage tests in these? Why is it seen as somehow 'unfair competition' to just do what horses like and get out of the way of their movement?"
Barbara Bradby (Dublin)

"Hi Wendy 
just to let you know my bareback pad arrived this morning at 11 am. It's absolutely beautiful, I couldn't wait to try it out, so this afternoon I rode my lovely Molly in it and it felt just as good as it looked.  Molly was relaxed and fluid, I did buy some webbing leathers and stirrups but they just get in the way.  Thanks again for your help, I will definitely recommend your company to anybody who wishes to give bareback a go or who wants to treat themselves to quality 
sheepskin accessories"  
yours sincerely

"Dear Wendy, 
Many thanks for the e-mail. The girth is lovely and my picky horse actually likes the bare back pad! I like it too, although I do tend to forget that I am on a horse and not in an armchair.
Thank you for your prompt and helpful service"
Best wishes, 

"Thank you again for all your help. Pad arrived this morning and I am very impressed with the quality. Perfect fit, rode out this afternoon and it has made all the difference. Will definitely recommend to others on my yard"

"10 out of 10. Thank you so much, this has solved all my problems :) happy horse again"
N. Black

"It took me a while to decide but i am very pleased with the pad. It is comfortable and i feel very safe. My horse is relaxed and happy. I have not been able to ride for months due to back injury from saddle fitting problems. For all those 'odd shaped' horses out there...this is a great solution. Thankyou for your patience and advice Wendy"
Tory - a very happy customer!

"Hello Wendy, just to let you know that the pad arrived this afternoon. It looks really good, thank you"
bye for now Sue

"Love the Bare Back pad, best buy. Thanks for the speedy service"

"Thank you, Thank you Christ Lammfelle! Your bareback riding pad has solved the problem. My poor old boy is high withered and sway backed and prone to weight gain on grass in the summer. I couldn’t get a saddle to fit. Have tried numerous bareback riding pads but they weren’t very comfortable for me. Finally I have found something that suits us both and my bum has been spared!! We are now enjoying quiet hacks out together again" 

"Hi Wendy, I found the service you provided excellent, you gave good advice and were very helpful when I was looking at which bareback pad to buy. Delivery was very prompt and I am very happy with the quality of the product I have purchased. It may be worth mentioning that it would be advisable for customers to buy a non-slip saddle pad to go underneath the bareback pad as it has a tendency to move about, especially on ponies with very flat backs! You also need much shorter  stirrup leathers to use with the pad. Other than that it's very comfortable and makes your seat feel secure.
Many thanks"

"I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I received the bareback pad last week and love it! The Pony size is perfect - it doesn't look too big (or small) on Zita and it's just the right size for me. The pad itself is really comfy, and I'm loving the padded cantle: round here there are lots of hills - with the pad there's no more sliding backwards!! I've ridden out on several hacks with it already, and also schooled in it - I can feel her back like when riding bareback but have a much more secure seat. And even with the hills the pad's not budged.
Thanks again for your patience and advice. I'll send you a photo of the pad in action when I get a good shot!"
Warm regards

"No splits needed in the end- it was easier than I thought it would be.
I really enjoyed riding in it, and felt really secure. Very comfortable too. 
Just felt a bit strange at first.
Very annoyed with myself now for not having got one of these a long while ago."

Numnahs and Saddle pads and Treeless saddle pads:

"I recently purchased a Horsedream Champ Numnah. 
I am really pleased with this product, it fits really well, and the quality seems very good. Was also pleased with the prompt delivery. Would purchase again! 

"Numnah arrived safe and well - rode out on my Icelandic mare with it today. It's really beautiful, just what I was looking for!! 
Many thanks" 

"Just wanted to say that i now have a Dressage numnah, a Jumping numnah with full border, a seat saver and  Magnetic boots and i think the Christ products are fantastic. I thought they were quite expensive at first but was recommended by several friends, so i eventually bought the Jumping numnah (first). The quality is amazing and i am hooked. I now think they are extremely well priced. They wash well, stay soft and looking like new and just don't seem to wear, however much you use them. I do strongly recommend to anyone that you try a Christ product"

"Super service, high speed delivery of my inserts for my beautiful treeless pad" 

"Wow received next day! The treeless pad is great although I found that I didn’t need the inserts. I will however keep hold of them as he can change shape a bit through the year so I might need them at a later date.
Thanks again for a great service"

"Thanks again for getting the Numnah made for my daughter; she loves it and it looks fantastic. Really impressed with the quality and the speedy service."

"Hi Wendy 
Arrived today and is a perfect fit - will try out tonight.  My OH thinks horse is really being spoiled now!  Cheers and thanks again for a great 5* service.  Won't  hesitate to recommend you."

"Many thanks for such a quick delivery; it arrived in time for the show… Phew!"

"Hello, I purchased your treeless saddle pad a few months ago to use under my Torsion saddle, when I bought it I also bought the inserts to go with it.  I have a very sensitive horse who really loves the thick sheepskin of your pad and I don’t  think I have ever seen such a lovely sheepskin pad for sale anywhere else.   
Many thanks"

"Hi Wendy.
Saddle pad came yesterday. It fits my freeform saddle well, even it is pony size pad, as the saddle is short base one. 
Thank you very much for great service and I will be in touch again as more bits needed."
Kind Regards. 
Monika Glaichova

"Super service ,high speed delivery of my inserts for my beautiful treeless pad. I came upon the pad on ebay, got it for £70 & it had hardly been used just a sight discolouration at the rear. It must be the ultimate luxury in pads." 
Kath Redfern

Girths and Girth sleeves:

Beautiful quality girth.  Great service.  Thank you very much
Kind regards
Sarah Finch


"Hi Wendy,
The girth arrived today. It's absolutely lovely! Thank you so much. It looks very luxurious. I'm sure Ellie is going to be extremely comfy in it. It really is hugely appreciated. It's lovely to know that we have people out there supporting us.
I'll let you know how we get on and of course send you some pictures.
Kind regards"
Rebecca Kinnarney

(Congratulations Rebecca - 29th April, 2012.  Seren Capella and Rebecca Kinnarney successfully competed for the EGB team representing Great Britain at Mont le Soie, Belgium. Rebecca and Capella completed the course, one of only 7 finishers out of 22 starters in the 120km CEI**.  They have now qualified to enter Elite 160km CEI*** races.  The GB team had 4 of the 7 finishers, and 2 Young Riders also completed the 120km CEIYRJ**.  These are superb results for the team and the individuals.) 

"Hi Wendy,
I just wanted to write and thank you again for your very kind support with our efforts in Belgium. I see that you already know how we did - 22 horses started out last Sunday morning and only 7 completed the ride. We were one of the 7! I am utterly thrilled and still on Cloud 9. Ellie was amazing. She is such a trooper of a horse. It was lovely, also, knowing how much support we had at the ride and from everyone at home. We rode the third loop of 30km with the lovely girth you so kindly donated to us. It was pure luxury!
We are now qualified to ride the Elite 3* rides!
Thank you so much!"
Kind regards,

"Hi, just to say I ordered a girth from you for my horse for his treeless saddle as he was constantly stopping to itch under the girth straps of his saddle.  Finally no more stopping to do that since I have used your girth.  
Very many thanks – brilliant product!"


"Many thanks for your help. The girth sleeve has done the trick; i have a happy horse again." 

Just to say I received my girth yesterday and it is lovely!! I'm glad I ordered the larger one - fits perfectly. Brilliant service, delivered within 24hrs and thanks for the free sample of the detergent."
Thanks again 

Seat savers:

Seat saver arrived today.
It’s beautiful" 
Kind regards

The seat saver was so comfortable I have been asked to get one for my Yard Owner!"
Many Thanks

"Hi Wendy.
Seat saver arrived this morning. I am very pleased and will shop with you again if anything needed. You are offering great service. I will recommend you to my friends.
Thank you so much."

Western products:

"I have been delighted with all my purchases from Horsedream. In fact, the owner of the yard where I keep my horse, and 2 other liveries have ordered items through me and been equally delighted. I think that speaks for itself! 
Thanks Wendy keep doing a great job with Horsedream!"

"Hi Wendy 
Thank you so much for that. I had forgotten what a personal and friendly sales transaction was like as very few exist nowadays.  If the pad works as well as I think it will I will most certainly be back for another one or even 2 for the 
very long distances! I have only just noticed that you have wrap over girth sleeves ( I have a terrible time finding the right ones ) and noseband and poll covers – I’ll definitely be back!!" 
Kind regards

"Hello Wendy
Just to let you know, the pad and contents arrived just a while ago.  It fits the saddle perfectly and matches the saddle colour really well.  When I get it on the horse, maybe you would like a photo to add to your website advert of the pad under the saddle close up?  
The Christ pad is of far, far greater quality and finish than expected.  I know they (and Mattes) are the best, but the Mattes are far more expensive, so I think the Christ one is absolutely superb.  It really is undersold!!
Many, many thanks for a truly super fast delivery.

Horse Dream UK Western Sheepskin Saddle Pad

"I have finally managed to get a photo of the saddle on the Reining pad.
The saddle is the new Freemax by Acavallo Treeless Western Reining saddle
I will be very pleased to recommend the pad for treed or treeless Western saddles to anyone.

All the best and thank you for such an excellent product and service" 

"I washed my old Barefoot treeless saddle pad (all synthetic as far as I thought) with the C7 in the machine silk cycle, then followed it with the lamb wool brush when dry, and am quite astonished with the results. I never thought it would
look like new again. The brush is a miracle, and I have completely revived my 2 western sheepskin cinches and the nylon fleece under the Barefoot saddle to look like new.
From a very happy customer"

"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you very much for sending my western pad out so promptly. It arrived the day after we spoke & I ordered it! So I'm very impressed & very pleased.
Also I'm very impressed with the quality of the pad :o) It will be used from Monday, when I'm riding my newly-started Quarter Horse filly.
Many thanks for outstanding service & a fab product"
Best wishes

Sheepskin sundries:

"Breastplate pressure pad- I recently purchased the breastplate fur and can honestly say it's the best match ever and because it's large it fits my big horse lovely! thank you so much! Quality is super and the help before hand from Wendy was brilliant!" Zara