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Horse Dream Sheepskin Half pad with Shims
Sheepskin Half Pad - Spine Free with front and rear shim pockets (5161)

Sheepskin Half Pad - Spine Free with front and rear shim pockets (5161)

Christ Lammfelle
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CHRIST Lammfelle skilfully crafted, high quality Sheepskin Half pads. Full size. 
Hard wearing black cotton quilted twill, with soft Natural (undyed) Merino Lambskin, shorn to a depth of approx 30mm. 
Spine free with 4 shim pockets (2 front and 2 back, either side of the spine).
Shims are sold separately, allowing you to correct the position of the pad under saddle.
Give great shock absorption for the horse, provides ideal pressure distribution and helps to reduce sweat and regulate humidity. 
Half Pads can be used with any cut of saddle.

Full size.
Measures 58cm/23" along the spine (total length)
Measures 23cm/9" from spine to longest point at shoulder and 21cm/8.25" from spine to widest point of panel towards the back of the pad.

All Horsedream products can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures (max 30 degrees) with C7 detergent

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