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Sheepskin Accessories for You and Your Horse

For the rider, our sheepskin saddle seat savers are very popular. 

We call them 'seat savers' as they protect your saddle as well as your 'seat'!
Keeping you warm in Winter and cooler in Summer (sheepskin helps with temperature balancing) they also act as a shock absorber for your spine! Allowing you to relax and soften through your lower back.
Very beneficial for riders with arthritis or back, neck and hip problems/injuries.

We have sheepskin seat savers for English saddles, Western saddles and Australian stock saddles.
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Horsedream sheepskin seat saver Horsedream sheepskin seat saver for Western saddles Horse Dream Sheepskin Seat Savers


We have a whole range of goodies for your horse, from sheepskin nose-band covers and poll guards - these will fit both bridle and head collar so can be a useful part of your travelling kit as well as pressure relief from your bridle, to sheepskin breastplate pressure pads and covers. Basically anything that can rub or chafe, can be remedied with sheepskin.

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Horsedream Show Nose Band Cover Horsedream Breastplate Pressure pad Horsedream Sheepskin Poll Guard Horsedream Sheepskin Breastplate Cover

Beautifully hand crafted, 100% Genuine Merino lambskin Half Pads, Numnahs and Saddle pads 
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Horse Dream Sheepskin Half Pad Horse Dream Sheepskin Numnahs Horse Dream Sheepskin Saddle Pad

Range of Sheepskin Girths
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Horse Dream UK Sheepskin girth manufactured by Christ Lammfelle Horse Dream Sheepskin Long Girths Horse Dream Sheepskin Dressage Girths Horse Dream Sheepskin Long Girths


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