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Christ Lammfelle Bareback Riding Pads

Horse Dream Sheepskin Bareback Riding Pads - for Ultimate Horse and Rider comfort 

Christ Lammfelle Basic PLUS Bareback pad Christ Lammfelle Premium PLUS Bareback pad Christ Lammfelle Iberica PLUS Bareback pad Christ Lammfelle Cloud Special Bareback pad

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Horse Dream Bareback pads. Promoting responsible Bareback riding. 
An innovation engineered by CHRIST Lammfelle of Germany, manufacturers and designers of Horsedream products. (The Christ Lammfelle Bareback pad, Fellsattel, Sheepskin saddle)
100% Medical grade Merino lambskin with hard wearing cotton twill. 

This bareback riding pad sets new standards in terms of riding feel and riding therapy. Tests carried out by independent expert riders and riding therapists have confirmed the positive qualities and the effect of this bareback pad on both horse and rider. 
The bareback pad allows particularly intensive riding pleasure. The closeness to the horse produces a strong bond in which the warmth and the movements of the horse can be pleasantly felt. Like other bareback pads, it is not usually used with stirrups, however stirrup leathers can be attached to metal D rings on our pads for better balance. 
Our Merino Lambskin Bareback pads are anatomicaly shaped and provide plenty of padding to protect your horses back whilst giving that great bareback riding experience. Most Bareback pads are designed for occasional riding and short sessions, but due to the double layer of lambskin and composite foam padding (removable when washing) our bareback pads ensure pressure and weight are evenly distributed and your horses back is protected from pressure from your 'seat bones'. Equally You can ride in comfort with the lambskin helping to act as a shock absorber for your spine. Very therapeutic for both you and your horse. The ultimate in Natural horsemanship. Users of these Bareback pads often comment on the fluidity of their horse when using the pad and improved muscle tone.
The pad is suitable for and will fit all shapes of horse and pony as being treeless and made of sheepskin, it is completely flexible and causes no pressure points. 

These bareback pads are ideal for:
acking horses
Schooling youngsters 
Sensitive backed horses 
Horses recovering from back injuries

Horses that have trouble with saddle fitting for any reason
Novice riders being taught to get a good riding position
Riders improving balance and core strength
RDA and Hippotherapy groups 
Donkeys and Mules 
All fields of natural horsemanship

The Christ Lammfelle Bareback pads are popular with riders from all different fields, but the one thing they all have in common, is that they all LOVE their bareback pads. 

Used with a Dressage girth.
Also available are Christ Lammfelle T Bar leathers, which lay flat under your leg to give more comfort to the rider (no pressure from the buckle)

All Christ Lammfelle Bareback pads are machine washable at low temperatures - please always use a sheepskin detergent to protect and prolong the life of the pad.
C7 Detergent is recommended for all our sheepskin products. The sheepskin brush is also a useful tool and regular brushing keeps the sheepskin clean and fluffy, cutting down on the need to wash the bareback pad. 

Christ Lammfelle C7 Sheepskin detergent Christ Lammfelle Sheepskin girth Christ Lammfelle T Bar Dressage stirrup Leathers Sheepskin Brush