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Welcome to the NEW Horse Dream UK Website

Welcome to the NEW Horse Dream UK Website.

Thank you for the continued support of all our valued customers

Finally we have a new website! We are still the UK importer for
Christ Lammfelle Equestrian Sheepskin Products and we ship Worldwide. A beautiful range of Lambskin Numnahs, Saddle pads, Western saddle pads, Girths, Sheepskin Accessories for Your Horse, and the famous
Christ Lammfelle Bareback Riding Pads
All our products are 100% Genuine Merino Lambskin and crafted to the highest standards.

Christ Lammfelle have a huge range of Equestrian Sheepskin products, as well as Sheepskin products for Home, Baby and Pets.
As the official UK importer, we can order in any items that you have seen on their website that might not be on ours: 
so please just contact us for prices and details

Amongst our NEW PRODUCTS, we are now stock Driving Harness Sheepskin Pads for Breast Plate and Harness Saddle.

We are also now stocking Natural Equine Shampoos and Fly Repellents. 
Natural Equine are producers of top quality plant based, horse grooming products. 

All their products are as natural as it is possible to make them without compromising performance, and are formulated for the equine skin so they are safe to use as often as you need to without striping out natural oils.

Equine SHAMPOOS Equine Plant Based Shampoos
All products are pH balanced to the horse’s skin. This means that you can shampoo your horse as many times as you like without stripping the coat of its natural oils. All these shampoos remove the dirt and grease while leaving the coat clean and in top condition. 

Aromawash is a gentle relaxing shampoo that deep cleans whilst relaxing and calming, so that even horses that aren’t too keen on a bath will succumb to this.
The combination of lavender and tea tree oil in this highly concentrated shampoo give a truly deep shine to any horse’s coat. Aromawash is probably the one that horses would choose for themselves!
Whitewash contains calendula (marigold oil) and nettle. This combination is a natural optical brightener, so you don’t need the blue rinse or those unkind bleaching agents. Your horse’s coat will have the WOW factor without the harsh chemicals that do so much damage to the balance of the skin. Whitewash will give you the results that you have always wanted!

The famous SLOSHWASH Equine wash
The clue is in the name – just slosh some in a bucket wash down, no need to rinse! Warming Sloshwash for winter use warms the muscles and aids recovery after work – a must for hunters. Cooling Sloshwash for summer use to cool and refresh. Both aid removal of sweat marks or stable stains.

Equine FLYOFF Equine Fly Repellent
Based on an old traditional remedy used by fisherman with Bog Myrtle, this is an extremely powerful formula for all round fly aid. DEET FREE and formulated from many essential oils to help keep your horse fly free.
We are always sourcing new quality natural equine products, so please check out the website for new products from time to time.