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Horsedream Quality Sheepskin Numnahs

Horsedream Quality Sheepskin Numnahs.  

Manufactured by Werner Christ Lammfelle; famous for their soft and supple sheepskin products. We stock Dressage, GP and Jumping Numnahs. Treeless saddle Endurance saddle pads.

Genuine sheepskin numnahs, beautifully hand crafted and anatomically shaped to best fit your horse. Made from hard wearing quilted cotton and Genuine Merino Lambskin.  Integrated nylon patch to prevent the girth chafing the numnah.

The depth of sheepskin pile of our numnahs is approx. 30mm, creating a natural air cushion and offering great shock absorption for the horse, providing ideal pressure distribution and maximising saddle fit and comfort

All our numnahs are genuine 100% Merino sheepskin - these are not wool products. Sheepskin will last much longer than wool 

Sheepskin is very hard wearing and will last for years if cared for...
... and its really easy to care for;
Use our sheepskin detergent to wash your numnah. Sheepskin detergents will clean and protect the fibres, and condition the hide, keeping it soft and supple.
Brushing the fleece when dry (after a wash, or when required) will keep the fibres springy and looking like new. 

Sheepskin products have therapeutic and anti-bacterial properties. Providing a natural air cushion which allows the air to circulate through the fibres, providing shock absorption and eliminating pressure points. Sheepskin has natural insulating properties meaning it stays warm in winter and cool in summer. The structure of the wool fibre repels dirt and possesses natural antibacterial and self cleaning properties. Sheepskin can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture helping to keep your horse cooler and dryer.

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Half lined Sheepskin Numnah

Hard wearing, quilted, cotton twill with Natural (undyed) lambskin. Half lined numnah with 100% Merino lambskin. 


Horsedream sheepskin numnahs
Half lined Sheepskin Numnah
with Border

The sheepskin is rolled over the edges of the numnah 


Horsedream sheepskin numnahs

Fully lined Sheepskin Numnah
Fully lined with 100% Merino lambskin. The fleece is shorn to a depth of 30mm in the seat area and 10mm on the panels. 


Horsedream sheepskin numnahs

Fully lined Sheepskin Numnah
Fully lined with 100% merino lambskin. The fleece is shorn to one length; 30mm depth over the whole pad. The edges are rolled over the numnah forming a border all the way around the numnah.

Horsedream sheepskin numnahs

Half lined Endurance Saddle Pad
For Treeless Saddles and the Cloud Special Bareback pad

Anatomically shaped and half lined with 100% Merino lambskin. Insert pockets either side of the spinal canal for shims, or padding if required.
Anti-chafe nylon to protect from girth straps.
Easy open velcro girth loops and velcro tabs for securing. 

Horsedream sheepskin saddle pads

Fully lined Endurance Saddle Pad

Fully lined with 100% Merino lambskin. The fleece is shorn to a depth of 30mm in the seat area and 10mm on the panels.



Horsedream sheepskin saddle pads
All our Sheepskin products can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures (max 30 degrees)
Please always use our C7 sheepskin detergent which has been specially formulated to protect and prolong the life of the sheepskin, keeping it soft and supple and looking like new.
Werner Christ Lammfelle C7 Sheepskin detergent

We also stock a large range of Werner Christ Lammfelle Sheepskin Half Pads, and Western Sheepskin Saddle Pads. For our full range, please Shop online