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Horse Dream Western Saddle Accessories

All Horse Dream Sheepskin products are manufactured by Werner Christ Lammfelle in Germany; famous for their hard wearing, soft and supple Sheepskin products.
All our products are Genuine Merino Lambskin

With Western riding becoming more popular all the time, we are pleased to offer a offer sheepskin products for the Western rider. Sheepskin Saddle pads, Sheepskin Seat Savers and Sheepskin Cinches/girths.

Sheepskin seat saver offers a high degree of comfort, softness and warmth for the rider. They are great for longer rides; providing shock absorption to the rider. Particularly beneficial if you have/or have had a back/hip injury. 

Sheepskin also provides an excellent shock absorbing material for saddle pads. It helps to evenly distribute pressure, keeping your horse more comfortable. The natural fibres allow air flow, making it the most breathable natural product on the market, helping to regulate your horses body temperature.
Sheepskin is also very hard wearing, dirt resistant and has ant-bacterial properties making it an ideal material for cinches too.

Western Round Pad
Sheepskin Saddle Pad for Western Saddles with a round skirt, fully lined with Merino Lambskin.

Shim pockets either side of the spinal canal for the addition of shims if required.
Integrated nylon section to prevent the girth/cinch rubbing.
Western Sheepskin Cinches
Contoured and Half Moon; anatomically shaped for maximum comfort Fully lined with 100% Merino lambskin. Quality stainless steel fittings. 
Werner Christ Lammfelle Sheepskin Seat Saver for Western Saddles
Western Saddle Sheepskin Seat Savers. Supersoft, supple, 100% Merino Lambskin seat savers offers a high degree of comfort, softness and warmth.
Great for longer rides; provides shock absorption to the rider.
Back in stock - Western Saddle Sheepskin Seat Saver.
Popular simple sheepskin seat saver
C7 Sheepskin detergent
C7 Sheespkin Detergent
Cleans and nourishes your sheepskin products, extending their life span and keeps them soft and supple and looking like new.

All our Sheepskin products are hard wearing and easy to clean. All can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures (max 30 degrees)
Please always use our C7 sheepskin detergent which has been specially formulated for these products.
C7 detergent will protect and prolong the life of the sheepskin, keeping it soft and supple and looking like new.

Washing and Care products
Cleaning and Care instructions

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Horse Dream UK - Quality Genuine Sheepskin Products - Manufactured by Christ Lammfelle. Christ Lammfelle are famous for their top quality, hard wearing, super soft and supple sheepskin products. All their products are hand produced and great pride is taken in producing superior sheepskin products for the Equestrian market.