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Horse Dream Genuine Sheepskin Girths

Werner Christ Lammfelle Sheepskin Half Moon Dressage Girth

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Christ Lammfelle, famous for their hard wearing, high quality sheepskin products, manufacture a range of sheepskin girths that Horse Dream UK is proud to stock. Beautifully crafted and hand finished; their focus is on horse comfort.

Sheepskin Dressage Girths for Dressage Saddles, Treeless Saddles, Mono Flap Saddles and Bareback Pads. 
Western Cinches for Western Saddles

Your girth is a very important piece of kit and must hold your saddle securely in place, whilst allowing your horse full scope for movement in comfort.

All Christ Lammfelle girths are anatomically shaped to best fit your horses shape and evenly distribute pressure. These sheepskin girths are made from strong quilted cotton, to allow for better breath-ability, and fully lined with 100% premium grade Merino lambskin. (We refer to girths as sheepskin but it is technically, lambskin)

In their girth design, the sheepskin is rolled over the edges of the girth ensuring that there are no hard edges.

Sheepskin Dressage girth manufactured by Christ Lammfelle

They use quality stainless steel roller buckles to ensure an easier movement when tightening the girth. Girth straps can then be tucked in neatly to the keepers. 

Sheepskin Dressage girth manufactured by Christ Lammfelle

Stainless steel roller buckles.
D rings at the centres allow for the attachment of a breastplate or martingale.
The 'contoured' shape dressage girth (below) provides a wide, supportive bearing surface under the horse, and the 'cut away' narrower parts of the girth sit behind the elbow, allowing freedom of movement. Very beneficial to large striding horses or horses who would otherwise be prone to chafing or girth galls in that area.

Sheepskin Dressage girth manufactured by Christ Lammfelle

The 'half moon' shape dressage girth (below) helps with stability of the saddle on rounder horses; allowing for the rounder belly line. Also good for horses with a forward girth groove; helping to prevent the girth straps from being pulled forward and unbalancing the saddle.

Sheepskin Half Moon Dressage girth manufactured by Christ Lammfelle

Sheepskin girths can be very beneficial to horses who are sensitive to having the girth done up. Their warm, soft surface ensures no pinching and quickly desensitises horses who were previously anxious about girthing up. They help to eliminate chafing and pressure points and thus prevent girth galls.

Sheepskin Dressage girths shaped to the contours of your horse. Lightweight and breathable, strong and hard wearing

The above Horse is better suited to the Half Moon Girth as the girth groove slopes back. The Half Moon Girth is wider along back edge to allow for the shape of the horse. 

The above horse has a horizontal girth groove and is better suited to the Contour Girth 

Caring for your girth:
All Christ Lammfelle sheepskin products have been tanned in a way that allows them to be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures. 
Use the sheepskin/lambskin brush to brush off the worst of the mud/sweat/dirt (when dry). This will cut down the frequency of washing.
Brushing with our sheepskin brush, after product is washed and dry, will also fluff up the sheepskin, helping it to look like new and retain its air flow and cushioning effect.
When washing, use C7 sheepskin detergent to preserve the natural oils in the hide. Machine wash and tumble dry at a max temperature of 30 degrees. You can also hand wash in warm water and lay out to dry, sheepskin side up.

Australian Merino lambskins are used for all Christ Lammfelle products because the wool is a little denser. This achieves better pressure distribution and helps to reduce the shear forces. The leather is also stronger, ensuring durable, easy to care for products.
Not one single lamb is slaughtered for its skin. The pelt is a by-product of the slaughtering process, which is purely for the purposes of obtaining meat.

Sheepskin is a good choice for a girth material.
Lambskins create a general feeling of well-being when placed against the skin. They help the horse to relax and they promote blood circulation. They provide a natural air cushion between the skin and the lambskin creating a breathable zone that helps to regulate the horses body temperature in all weathers.
Lambskins consist entirely of proteins. Protein does not provide a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling cold or damp. The lambskin has anti-bacterial properties and protects the skin. The scaly structure of the wool fibre repels dirt and possesses natural self-cleaning properties. Regular shaking out and airing of the lambskin neutralises odours and helps the wool stay fresh.

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Werner Christ Lammfelle sheepskin girth