Western saddle pads and Seat Savers
Christ Lammfelle Skilfully crafted Saddle pads and Seat savers for Western saddles.
100% genuine Merino lambskin with hard wearing cotton twill upper. Fully machine washable. All our saddle pads have insert pockets for extra padding if required and integrated nylon protection to help prevent chafing around the girth.
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Reining pad
Reining pad specially designed for modern reining saddles and butterfly skirts. 67 x 70cm. Fully lined with Merino lambskin with 20mm depth of pile.
Round pad
Western Round Pad. 70 x 70cm. Fully lined with Merino lambskin with 20mm depth of pile
Western saddle pad
Our Western saddle pads are produced in two sizes: 75 x 75cm and 80 x 80cm. Fully lined with Merino lambskin. You can also choose between 2 depths of pile: 20mm and 30mm.
Now available with 30mm depth in the seat area and 20mm on the panels.
Western Seat Saver
Pure lambskin Western seat saver available in two versions with varying attachments to the saddle and horn. Available in Natural, Brown and Charcoal. Great for longer rides; provides shock absorption to the rider. Particularly beneficial if you have/or have had a back injury.
Australian Saddle pad & Seat saver
Saddle pad and Seat saver designed for the Australian Stock saddle. Full lined with natural merino lambskin to a depth of approx 30mm.
Lambskin detergent
C7 Detergent for all washable sheepskin/lambskin articles and all items of clothing made from natural wool  fibres.
Extends the life of your products by preventing the natural oils being stripped from the hide, as a regular detergent will. Available in 250ml or 500ml bottles
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