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Equine-Harmony Bit-less bridles

Equine-Harmony Bitless Bridles   
We are now stocking Equine-Harmony Leather Bit-less bridles.
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Beautiful soft leather with padded head piece, brow band and noseband.
Cross under and Side Pull in one Bridle.

Cross under (below): Great for horses new to bitless - The cross under applies pressure to the opposite cheek, as well as through the side pull ring, encouraging the horse to turn his head. The reins are attached to the rings on the cross under strap.

 Horse Dream Side Pull Bit-less Bridle  

Side Pull (below): Unbuckle the 'cross under strap's' and replace with the 'throat lash'. Attach the reins to the 'side pull rings'


Perfect for Bit-less riding, Natural Horsemanship, Horses with a sensitive mouth, Backing youngsters, or as an interim bridle if your horse has a sore mouth or is awaiting dental treatment. Can be beneficial to horses who head toss and jog, Horses who lean on the bit, Horses who evade the bit or have become hard mouthed and Inexperienced riders who may pull un-necessarily on a horses mouth.
Continental reins included
Black or Brown
Cob or Full size

Barefoot 'Shape-It' Bit-less Noseband - convert your own bridle to bit-less
Made of genuine Nubuck leather with rings fitted at each side for reins to be attached. Simply unbuckle your bit and replace with the noseband - cheek pieces attach to the noseband

Innovative feature: A flexible wire inside the noseband allows it to adapt to the shape of the horse's nose, making it more stable and so does not slip easily.
2 sizes
Black or Brown

As with any new training method, time should be taken to introduce the horse slowly to be sure they fully understand and are comfortable with the new signals from a bit-less bridle.

Bridle and Leather Care - Oil before use. Regular oiling keeps your leather supple and conditioned.

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