Horsedream product measurements

Numnah measurements

Full size A-B C-D E-F
Jumping 57cm 52cm 42cm
Dressage 57cm 57cm 38cm
GP 54cm 53cm 41cm
Jumping 62cm 52cm 42cm
Dressage 62cm 57cm 38cm
GP 59cm 53cm 41cm
Jumping 52cm 48cm 38cm
Dressage 52cm 52cm 34cm
GP 50cm 49cm 35cm

Saddle cloth measurements

Full size A-B C-D E-F
Jumping 60cm 52cm 74cm
Dressage 61cm 52cm 69cm
GP 60cm 52cm 74cm

Half pad measurements




  A-B C-D
Full size 57cm 25cm
Pony size 52cm 22cm



Treeless saddle pad measurements


  A-B C-D E-F
Full size 66cm 52cm 56cm
Pony size 59cm 50cm 54cm

English style Bareback pads
(Basic and Premium PLUS Bareback pads)




  A-B C-D E-F
Full size 59cm 58cm 39cm
Pony size 55cm 53cm 34cm
Shetland size 44cm 34cm 32cm




Iberian Spanish style Bareback Pad
(Iberica PLUS Bareback pad)

Iberica bareback pad measurements


Cloud Special Bareback pad

Horsedream Cloud Special bareback pad




  A-B C-D E-F
Full size 60cm 48cm 60cm
Pony size 55cm 43cm 55cm
Shetland size 49cm 31cm 44cm

The distance between pommel and cantle
(seat area) is:
Full size 33cm
Pony size 28cm
shetland size 23cm




  Front to back

Panel length

Full size 55cm 56cm
Pony 50cm 52cm

Western style Bareback pads

measurements for Western bareback pad



  A-B C-D
Full size 69cm 34cm
Pony size 66cm 30cm

Rough guide to which size Dressage girth you
will need for your Bareback pad.

Measure around your Horse or Pony in the girth area (where the girth usually sits)

Please note this is only a rough guide

Put your Horse or Ponies measurement into Box A in the
table opposite, next to the model and size you have chosen.
The measurement in Box A less measurement in Box B will
give you your girth size in Box C.
The girth size indicated will do up to the middle holes on
either side, giving you plenty of leeway to tighten up the girth,
or if your horse changes weight or shape throughout the year.

An example has been shown next to 6300 - Basic Full size.
The horses measurement was 210cm, less 155cm indicates
a girth size of 55cm.

The second example shown next to 6300 - Basic Pony size.
The ponies measurement was 183cm indicating a girth size of
38cm. Our girths are manufactured in 5cm incriments, so you
will need to round up or down to the nearest size eg: 40cm


Please note this is only a rough guide

Model Size A B C
6300- Basic PLUS Full 210cm 155cm 55cm
6300- Basic PLUS Pony 183cm


6300- Basic PLUS SH   107cm  
6303- Premium PLUS Full   155cm  
6303- Premium PLUS Pony   145cm  
6303-Premium PLUS SH   107cm  
6323- Iberica PLUS Full   138cm  
6323- Iberica PLUS Pony   128cm  
6323- Iberica PLUS SH   113cm  
6330- Cloud Special Full   152cm  
6330 - Cloud Special Pony   144cm  

The above Measurement Chartis a rough guide giving a girth size that will do up on approx centre hole on the girth strap each side.
The girth straps now have 12 holes, for more leeway up and down, and you can go for a shorter girth, if you prefer the girth buckles to be lower.

If you are purchasing an 'Old style Bareback pad with Biothane girth straps', please email for advice on girth sizing as sizes are different from the above chart





Both Dressage and Regular Girths are measured from buckle end to
buckle end


All Horsedream products can be machine washed

Christ Lammfelle C7 Environmentally friendly Detergent is specially formulated for use on all sheepskin/lambskin products. It extends the life of your product by preventing the natural oils being stripped from the hide, as a regular detergent will. It can also be used for wool and silk products, where it preserves the softness of the delicate fibres and protects their colours. C7 Detergent is environmentally friendly with a neutral PH. It contains bio-degradable anionic surfacants but no phosphates or alkalis. All Horsedream products are made of 100% Merino lambskin, famous for its superior density and softness. Thanks to a medical tanning process of the lambskin, all our products can be machine washed at low temperatures. C7 detergent is available in 250ml bottle (approx 9 washes) and 500ml (approx 18 washes).

Lambskin detergent

Detergent C7 - Washing instructions

Set your washing machine to the wool cycle at 30°C. You may add fabric softener during the last rinse. The skin can be spun and then dried in the tumble-dryer using the delicate fabrics programme.

If you do not have a dryer, lie the lambskin article out to dry with the wool side facing upwards. Avoid direct sunshine and direct heat sources. Pull the skin back into shape a number of times during the drying process.

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